June 24, 2012

Flower girl

My 5 year old niece is not exactly the flower-girl type. She would rather go play in the dirt than wear a dress and look pretty. But that didn't discourage me.. she's not going to get out of it - the job is hers!

I did get her to agree to a dress - with the condition that it was not a girly color, not a tutu, and that it had sparkles on it. She actually requested the sparkles which I thought was kind of funny, but hey I like sparkles so that worked for me.

I had originally planned on just ordering a dress online, and almost immediately found this one and fell in love with it:

I sent the picture over to my sister in law, and she showed my niece who gave it a thumbs up - score!

I put it out of my head for a while as we planned all of the other bits and pieces of the wedding, and then went back to order it about a month ago. I was already a little hesitant about the price tag ($45 - though the website now says $58) for a one-time dress that she would probably not even keep on the whole night, but then shipping came up as $40 and that was the end of that idea.

On to Plan B - making her dress.

I do sew, so the thought of making her dress wasn't indimidating or daunting. I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to find something she liked as much as the one above.

I went on a fabric hunt and found a perfect navy chiffon which is light and silky smooth and great for a summer dress, as well as an overlay fabric with the perfect bit of sparkle.

I decided on this cute Burda pattern which I know I'll be able to use in the future since it's a simple summer dress. The bottom right dress is what I ended up making.

Before I cut into the real fabric I always make a prototype using cheap fabric from my stash. This pink cotton really threw her for a loop and you should have seen her eyes when I asked her to try it on. I explained that it was just a test to see if it would fit her and that it wasn't the real dress, but later on when her mom asked her how the dress fit she leaned over and said 'it's PINK!' hahah..

It fit her perfectly other than being a little too short for what I wanted, so when I cut the actual fabric out I left an extra 4-5" on the bottom.

After a little fiasco with my sewing machine and a tiny bit of swearing, I sat down and got to work.  I had it finished in about 2 hours - with dance breaks and dog snuggles in between.

The finished product - only $20 total with both fabrics, thread, a zipper and a pattern:

front  /  back

And the perfect finishing touch for a non-flowery flower girl? A sign to carry instead of flowers to toss.

June 10, 2012

Seed bomb wedding favours

I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to do for our wedding favours.. the options on my short-list ending up being mini jars of jam, mini trees, or these neat new things I found - seed bombs.

assembly line production

I decided on seed bombs because I hadn't seen it done before and they looked really fun.

Basically, a seed bomb is a little ball of recycled paper mixed with random seeds that you throw into your garden, onto a hillside, or plant in a pot - essentially 'bombing' nature with little explosions of flowers.

ready to be dried

To make seed bombs you will need a bunch of paper to use as the base of your seed bombs. I read that using the thicker scrapbook type paper instead of just plain copy paper is better (though I'm not sure why) so I used a bunch that I've had left over from a thousand-pack at Costco years ago. The colour of the paper will come through as you can see, so make sure it's a colour you want.

putting it all together

The paper needs to be ripped up, mixed with water and then blended into a pulp.
I have a paper shredder at home so we used that and then let the paper soak in a bowl of water before using the blender to pulperize (is that a word?) it all. You need to make sure you fill your blender with quite a bit of water along with the paper or else your blade will be spinning around nothing, burning out your motor.

Once you have all of your paper made into a pulp you need to mix in your seeds. What kind of seeds you use is really up to you - I used some multi-flower packs called 'english country garden'.

I've read some tutorials that tell you to throw the seeds in the blender with the paper but I was worried that the seeds would get ripped up. Thinking back, it probably wouldnt have been a problem because they were all pretty small - but it's up to you. We used a spoon and a big bowl to mix it all up, and it worked just fine.

You have to be prepared to get your hands dirty. Grab a small amount (using your hand or a measuring spoon), sqeeze as much water out as you can, and roll it ito a little ball. Lather, rinse, repeat.

When you have all of the little balls rolled out you need to dry them out as soon as possible so that the seeds don't start to sprout - so prop them up on a tray in front of  fan overnight and they should be bone dry in the morning.

1 week after being thrown into the garden

  • Honeycomb kraft paper bags and purple washi tape from greenmunch
  • Amazing graphic design for the inner instruction card and front card from Heidi & Gray
  • Tiny clothespins from ebay

May 31, 2012


Lately I've felt like I haven't been doing enough fun and creative things. I've seriously been neglecting my craft room - which is just awful because I wanted it so badly.

I recently starting browsing around Craftster - a place that I used to spend hours and hours browsing but haven't really been to much since Pinterest came around.

I found my way to the craft swap section and immediately joined a Sock Monkey Craft Swap. Sign up ended May 15th and we have to send out by June 16th.

The moderator of the swap puts people together as partners and you get a little questionnaire from your partner about what kind of things they like and what they would love to get. It's up to you to be creative and have fun with it.

Mine was pretty simple; my partner is a hippy! She loves dreads and tye dye and all things colorful and fun. That's pretty much the best thing I could have hoped for.

attaching the hair

I picked up the socks last week and then when it rained all weekend I had nothing else to do but watch movies and create an awesome monkey. I knew I wanted to do dreads and was so happy when I opened up my yarn box and found this great yarn that I had bought a couple of years ago, but had never used. It was so perfect!

stuffed and ready for ears, arms, tail and the fun stuff

This is what I have come up with. His name is Sage - he comes complete with chest hair, and a necklace that can be removed by my partner to wear as an anklet.

It's also fairly normal to send other little gifts with your monkey, so I've added a sage stick (hence his name).

I'm sending him out tomorrow - I hope she loves him!!

May 21, 2012